TARMA every material and every process requires the optimal choice of equipment and systems. A high level of versatility and a wide range of customised products allow TARMA equipment to be used in different industries and applications.

Each TARMA equipment is specifically designed according to the needs of the material and the system where it will operate. TARMA equipment has the guarantee of years of experience and the know-how to develop equipment with the highest standards of quality and durability.


Mining and Fertilizers

Within the mining industry we have a wide range of very versatile equipment, which are calculated and designed for each application and depending on the characteristics of the material and its needs. In TARMA we do all the conceptual engineering and design for the handling of mine material that can be transported and stacked using our equipment such as truck unloaders, telescopic radial stackers and / or grasshoppers.


Cement and Gypsum

We have extensive experience in the cement sector, we work and design the transport for each and every one of your materials. With equipment such as truck unloaders, plate conveyors, belt conveyors and bucket elevators, among others, we can develop the entire transport within a cement plant.

Port terminals tarma

Port Terminals

In ports we can count on TARMA's most innovative designs, such as the ecological port hoppers, which can be towable or mobile and allow the material to be unloaded from ships in bulk, avoiding environmental pollution or our ship loaders on tyres, which allow the loading of ships of different types and sizes. Each TARMA equipment is studied and designed depending on the requirements of each application.