The business policy of TARMA BULK SOLIDS SOLUTIONS, S.L. is based on a continuous improvement of its capacity to satisfy the needs that the changing and competitive market demands nowadays.

TARMA BULK SOLIDS SOLUTIONS, S.L. focuses all its efforts on optimising all its resources with the main objective of satisfying the needs of the interested parties, for
it has implemented and developed a Quality system based on the following scope:

  • Equipment design and project management in solids handling processes in the mining, cement, port terminals and agri-food industries.
  • To this end, we provide solutions and preventive measures that allow our clients to optimise their management, both from the point of view of Quality and competitiveness, and thus increase their satisfaction.
  • To achieve this objective, TARMA BULK SOLIDS SOLUTIONS, S.L., has the following basic strategic lines:

- To implement and continuously improve the Quality System, acquiring the commitment to comply with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standards, the basis of the System.
- Commitment of the entire Organisation to compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to the different processes of our work. Taking into account the legislative trend and other requirements established by the Organisation.
- Improving our capacity to satisfy the requirements of our interested parties through the use of the most advanced technologies, the contribution of the most suitable people for each project and ensuring a high level of qualification of the Company's collaborators
. Offering an integrated, operational, personalised and flexible solution for each specific problem.
- Promoting and providing continuous training at all levels, especially for personnel involved in quality tasks, providing knowledge of new techniques and tools, so that they are aware of the importance of their actions in achieving the proposed objectives
- Commitment of the Organisation aimed at continuous improvement, the objective of which is to progressively increase our good behaviour, by means of the commitment to establish objectives and goals reviewed annually by the Management.
- Maintaining good relations of collaboration with Administrations, non-governmental organisations and public and private entities.
- Informing suppliers and subcontractors of the quality requirements inherent to their products or services, establishing means to ensure their compliance.
- Maintaining internal audit plans as a tool for controlling the effectiveness of the measures applied.

In Madrid, 22 December 2020.